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Heather & Smokey 1987
Coshocton County
Teresa & Luke 1988
Guernsey County
Amy & Cagney  ~  1993  ~  Martha & Chomper
Coshocton County
Coshocton County is proud to acknowledge State Fair awards eight years in a row!
Way to go, kids!!! 

2000  Kelsey Smith & Pepper, Grooming & Handling
2001  Sarah Duyck & Buddy, Sub Novice A
2002  Jimmy Kovach & Lennie, Grooming & Handling
2003  Kimberly Yoder & Buddy, Sub Novice B
2003 Samantha Priest & George, Grooming & Handling
2004  Kimberly Yoder, Nov. A
2004  Stephanie Chapman and Donavan Yoder, Sub Nov A
2004  Rachel Winegar, Grooming & Handling A
2004  Diedre McVay, Dog Care
2005  Samantha Priest & George, Sub Novice B
2005  Jessica Crawford & Nicky, Sub Novice A
2006  Samantha Priest & George, Novice A
2006  Kim Yoder & Buddy, Novice B
2006  Donavan Yoder & Tex, Sub Novice B
2007  Samantha Priest & George, Agility
State Fair Winners!
ABC Dog School has been involved with 4-H'ers since 1987, first with private students, and then in 1991 through 1994 as the key leader and instructor for Obedience and Grooming & Handling classes.

In 1999, I became key leader once again, and was joined in 2001 by Keith Smith, who took over the grooming & handling classes, with the help of Debbie Yoder.

This year, 2012, marks my 18th year as a key leader for dog projects in Coshocton county.  It is a rewarding and enjoyable experience.
Coshocton County Fair 2007, 2008
Jessica Crawford & Nick
2007 1st place Novice A
2008 1st place Novice B
Shawn Warren & Dragon
2007 2nd place Sub-Nov A
2008 1st place Sub-Nov B
Samantha Priest & George
2007 1st place Novice B
2008 3rd place Novice B
Brendan Dickson & Belle
2008 1st place Sub-Nov A
7-15-08  Last class for 2008.  At left are Kyle and Quincy, who had perfect attendance.  Above, Belle, Dragon, Oreo, and Quincy doing a nice sit-stay.