Buffy AACD 4-H CD
Nov. 14, 1980 - Mar. 18, 1992
    Long before there was an ABC Dog School, there was Buffy.  She was a German Shepherd mix,  and came to us as a puppy in 1980.  Buffy started her "show career" in Indiana, as my daughter, Shelly's, 4-H dog.  I had been training my young Dalmatian, Spanner, and told Shelly, "Train that dog, or she's outta here!"  Buffy was a livewire in those days!
     Using the training method that I still employ today,  Shelly went on to win both obedience and showmanship at the local fair that year (1982).  Then it was on to the Indiana State Fair, where she tied for first place in obedience, and also placed in showmanship.
     Then we moved to Michigan, where Buffy continued her winning ways.  She advanced to the Novice level that year (1983,) and won 1st place in obedience, High in Trial, and 2nd in showmanship at the county fair.  Buffy earned her 4-H CD title by winning all three of her qualifying classes.  Going on to the State level show at MSU that year, Buffy and Shelly lost only one point,  winning  first place and High in Trial.
     In addition to her 4-H wins, Buffy earned an All American CD title, competing at fun matches, where she often won or placed in her classes.  After moving to Ohio, we lost this marvelous dog to pancreatic sarcoma.  
Arkon Fritz  AMBOR CD, AA CD
Jan. 1986 - Apr. 11, 1998
   The star of the show at ABC, was a mixed breed named Fritzie.  I often called him by his nickname, Willie.  He was the Wooly Booly, the Itzlefritz, the Big Cheese.
       During his fun match days, he often won the High Scoring Mixed Breed award.  The most memorable day of all was when he completed his AMBOR CD title with first place in Novice, High Scoring Mixed Breed, and, to top it all off, High in Match.
     Fritzie had previously completed his All American CD title.  Later, I advanced him to Grad Novice where he was only shown twice and won both times.
      Fritzie was a big help in my ABC classes.  Arthritis was his nemesis.   We sure miss him around here!
    Spanner was my first Dalmatian, and the first dog I trained.  We started out with a bang, earning 2nd place and Second Highest Scoring Purebred at our first fun match.  Needless to say, I was hooked!  Buffy was High Scoring Mixed Breed that day, also.
     Spanner earned his AKC CD title in 1983, and we were privileged to compete at the 1984 World Series Dog Obedience Tournament in Detroit, where Spanner qualified all three rounds, with scores in the 190's. 
     I had to say goodbye to this sweet boy in 1995.  To see more of Spanner, visit his own special page.    
Star Spangled Spanner  CD
The "Stars" of
      Because of our early successes in training and showing our dogs (at one match we entered three dogs and won all three classes,) I knew I had found a superior training method.  When attending training classes where other methods were used, I saw frustrated owners who weren't accomplishing much, and blaming their dogs to boot.  The dog is not the's either the method or failure to follow instructions.  Not wanting to see dogs go untrained, or even worse...discarded...I decided to do something about it.  And so, in 1987, ABC Dog School came into being.  I was by no means an expert, but I shared what I knew, and learned much in the process.   And I'm still at it! 
Copyright 2004 Carole J Sulser
First match
Fort Wayne, IN