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Dahlia was rescued off a four-lane highway when she was about four months old.  She had some close calls before I got her into my car!  I asked her if she was going to grow into her feet, and she did.  She's solid black, including part of her tongue, and may be part Labrador, but you just can't tell about mixed breeds.   Dahlia's a great gal and likes being a demo dog at ABC.  Her formal name is Arkon Black Dahlia (a rare flower indeed!)  
Copyright 2004 Carole J Sulser
    These six great pups were rescued from nearby, where they were observed living in sad and sometimes dangerous situations.
    They won't be spending another winter without shelter, or knee-deep in you-know-what.  No more chains, empty water bowls, or hot days without shade.  Let it rain...they can choose to be dry.  And no more empty hours without toys, exercise, or fun and games.
    The offspring of two females and possibly three males, it can be confusing as to who is related to who!
    Unfortunately, a number of their siblings remain behind, yet to find relief.
Their story...