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Books We Like!
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     A Dog Year:  Twelve Months, Four Dogs, and Me.  Jon Katz 

    The Dogs of Bedlam Farm:  An Adventure With Sixteen Sheep, Three Dogs, Two Donkeys, and Me.  Jon Katz
     The Rufus Chronicle:  Another Autumn.  C. W. Gusewelle

     The Dogs Who Came to Stay.  George Pitcher
     Pack of Two:  The Intricate Bond Between People and Dogs.  Caroline Knapp
     Travels With Charlie:  In Search of America.  John Steinbeck

     Paw Prints in My Soul:  A True Story.  Lou Dean

     All the Dogs of My Life.  Elizabeth Von Arnim; Little, Brown & Co 1936

     My Dog Tulip.  J. R. Ackerly

     Dreaming in Libro.  Louise Bernikow

     Lauren's Story:  An American Dog in Paris.  Kay Pfaltz

     Merle's Door:  Lessons from a Freethinking Dog.  Ted Kerasote

     Marley & Me: Life and Love with the World's Worst Dog.  John Grogan

     Dog Years:  a Memoir.  Mark Doty

     Good Dog.  Stay.  Anna Quindlen

     From Baghdad, With Love:  A Marine, the War, and a Dog Named Lava.  Jay Kopelman

     Colter:  the True Story of the Best Dog I Ever Had.  Rick Bass

     Before Your Dog Can Eat Your Homework, First You Have to Do It.  John O'Hurley

     Broadway Tails: Heartfelt Stories of Rescued Dogs Who Became Showbiz Superstars.  William Berloni

     With a Little Faith.  Jude Stringfellow

     Redemption:  The Myth of Pet Overpopulation and the No Kill Revolution in America.  Nathan J Winograd

     The Way of the Wolf.  L. David Mech

     Scruffy:  A Wolf Finds His Place in the Pack.  Jim Brandenburg

     Wolf, Spirit of the Wild:  A Celebration of Wolves in Word and Image.  Ed. Diana Landau
    The Cruelest Miles:  The Heroic Story of Dogs and Men in a Race Against an Epidemic.  Gay Salisbury
     Bandit:  Dossier of a Dangerous Dog.  Vicki Hearne

     Food Pets Die For:  Shocking Facts About Pet Food.  Ann Martin,  2003 Ed.

     Pet Food Politics, Marion Nestle

     Protect Your Pet:  More Shocking Facts.  Ann Martin

     The New Work of Dogs:  Tending to Life, Love and Family.  Jon Katz

     Animals in War.  Jilly Cooper

     Dog Heroes:  Saving Lives and Protecting America.  Jenni Bidner

     The Lost Pet Chronicles:  Adventures of a K-9 Cop Turned Pet Detective.  Kat Albrecht with Jana Murphy

     How Dogs Think:  Understanding the Canine Mind.  Stanley Core  (See footnote 1)

     Therapy Pets:  The Animal-Human Healing Partnership.  Jacqueline J Crawford, Karen A Pepmerinke

     A Dog's History of America:  How Our Best Friend Explored, Conquered, and Settled a Continent.  Mark
     Derr  (See Footnote 2)

     Out of Harm's Way:  The Extraordinary True Story of One Woman's Lifelong Devotion to Animal Rescue.
     Terri  Crisp with Samantha Glen

     The Koehler Method of Dog Training.  William Koehler; Howell Book House, Inc 1962

     Cesar's Way:  The Natural, Everyday Guide to Understanding Your Dog.  Cesar Millan

     On Good Behavior: Questions and Answers for Solving and Preventing Dog Problems.  Bardi McLennan
     Smarter Than You Think:  A Revolutionary Approach to Teaching and Understanding Your Dog in Just a
     Few Hours.  Paul Loeb

     Fido, Come!  Liz Palika

     Housebreak Any Dog:  The Permanent Three-Step Method That Really Works.  Audrey Carr
     How to Teach an Old Dog New Tricks.  Kurt Unkelbach

     Behavior Problems in Dogs.  William E Campbell

     Final Hope:  Gaining Control of Your Aggressive Dog.  Stephen J. Joubert

     Dog Tricks: Teaching Your Dog to Be Useful, Fun, and Entertaining.  Capt. Arthur J Haggerty and Carol Lea

     The Other End of the Leash:  Why We do What We do Around Dogs.  Patricia B. McConnell, PhD

     To Dance With the White Dog.  Terry Kay

     The Fireside Book of Dog Stories.  Ed. Jack Goodman; Simon & Schuster 1943

     Teem - A Treasure-Hunter.  Rudyard Kipling; Doubleday, Doran & Co 1938

     The Soul of the Silver Dog.  Lynn Hall

     Buster's Diaries:  A True Story of a Dog and His Man, as told to Roy Hattersley

     Cold Noses and Warm Hearts:  Beloved Dog Stories.  Ed. Laurie Morrow; Willow Creek Press 1996
Footnote 1:  This is an excellent book.....except the chapter on training, where the author departs from the objective scientific approach, and promotes his personal preference in training methods.  He does this by inaccurately describing other methods in order to make them look cruel and barbaric...a blot on what is otherwise a valuable addition to the dog lover's bookshelf.
Footnote 2:  This is another excellent book, although difficult to read in some places due to the many atrocities that man has perpetrated against the dog.  Unfortunately, the author chose to use the book as a forum for his own particular political views, presenting as fact what are merely his own hateful opinions about certain Presidents.  He was kinder to his canine subjects.