ABC Dog School
The Cast of Characters
copyright 2009  Carole J Sulser
  Star and the dogs born in 2005.  Some are hers, and some are Annie's.  I hope I have them right.  These are some of the dogs currently on the property.
Star and yellow male (Annie's)
Yellow Dog (Annie's)
Spotted male (Star's)
Bubblegum (Star's)
Grumpy (Star's)
Chloe (Annie's)
The Red Dog, born 2006, and not related to the others.
Dogs born in 2007,  Now it gets confusing.
When I first saw the 2007 puppies, there was at least one spotted, and at least one black and tan.  A black and tan was not seen again until January 2009.  There was a black and tan born in 2008, as well, so I don't know which one this is.  I call him Shorty.  There were only three in the Yorkie pen, but some could have been in the rabbit pen, too.  Or the tool shed.
  When three puppies escaped from the Yorkie pen, one was spotted, and the other two were brownish colored, one lighter than the other.
  This could be black and tan, Shorty, or the darker brown one, Brownie.  Or is Brownie the lighter one?
  This could be the one I call Brownie, who has a dark gray saddle.
  The two photos above could be the same dog.  It would be the lighter of the two brown pups, but is it Brownie, or is this dog missing?
Shorty.  His ears do not stand up.
Brownie.  His ears stand up.
  I was told this pup was a male.  He has not been seen since July, 2008.  Considering what he went through, he could be dead.  It's possible that he was given away, or was taken to the daughter's home in Tuscarawas county.
  Did Star only have four puppies, or was there a high mortality rate, or are these all different dogs, some of whom are gone?
Dogs born in 2008.  No less confusing.
  The first litter in 2008 came in early spring, maybe April.  They were kept in the tool shed in the beginning.  Later, I saw two white ones in the yard, and a black and tan.  At least one of the light ones turned out to be off-white, as seen above.  The other is either spotted or missing.  There were darker puppies, too, but they were in one or another of the crudely constructed pens, and not easily seen.  I couldn't even tell what color they were.  Red, as it turns out.
  And here is Star with yet another litter, born about the first of October, I'd say.  But, wait!  That's only five months later!   Here we see a spotted one and a black and tan.  The larger one is Creamy, from the spring litter, and in the middle is Brownie, from 2007.  There is also a grey/tan female, and another black and tan.  One of the B&T's is in the photo above with Creamy in my yard.  Again, I've only seen four puppies.
Mystery mama.  I did not see this one until January 2009, and she was obviously nursing puppies.
  Female from fall 2008
  2009 in progress.  I'm guessing that Creamy is nursing puppies at this time; they would have been due at the end of March.  Star was bred on March 15th, and is keeping to her bed now; due next week, but maybe whelped early?  The total count of dogs and puppies on the property is a matter of conjecture at this point!  But I'll bet that the fall females from 2008 are about to up the ante.
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