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Red Dog
copyright 2009  Carole J Sulser
  I call this dog, Red Dog, for obvious reasons.  I don't know what his owner calls him.  He was foisted off on them by their married daughter in 2006, when he was still a puppy.  He is not related to the other dogs on the property, except the ones he has sired.
    At first, he was tied to the front deck with no dog house.  I don't know where he spent his first winter.  This is where he lived a year later (below left.)  The purpose of the skids is beyond me, but he seems to be tangled up, in this photo.
Red Dog spent some time in this box during the summer of 2008, and I watched him knock the back out of it.
After that, he was moved to this pen in the back yard that was built for the previous owner's Yorkshire Terrier.  Here he is, in November of 2008, outside of the pen.  The owner has added to the height of the fence, but still tied the dog inside.  I think he found a hole in the fence this time.
This is what Red Dog's pen looked like in January 2009.
Here is the Red Dog shivering in the cold.  He has got out through a hole in the fence and couldn't seem to get back in far enough to reach the box.  No one was home to help him.  This was in February.
This is Red Dog's house.  No boards around the bottom, and no roofing.
This is Red Dog's house after part of the roof came off in March.  It was not repaired and he had no dry place to sleep.
On March 11, 2009, I snapped this picture of Red Dog after he went over the fence.  He barely made it to the ground; his chain is taught.  I don't know how long he was like this.  Fortunately, the owner was home for a change.  Notice the excessive neckware.
The owner put both a collar and a halter on this dog for some reason.  Here you can see that the halter has ended up around his neck.  Nothing was done about it and as summer heated up, I wondered what might be happening to his neck.  Does the owner ever look under there?  This has to be mighty uncomfortable, as well as hazardous.
Here is Red Dog's world, disappearing into the backyard jungle.  He is totally isolated here, and no one can see if he needs help.  I worry about his neck, and I fear for his mental state.  This dog deserves better!
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