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  Star was found wandering along the road in 2004, and brought home by the neighbor's daughter.  Star was not provided with a dog house.  In the summer of 2005, she was tied in the front yard while in heat, and had her first litter that Fall.

   In December, puppies appeared in the back yard, some in a pen, one tied on the deck, and the rest tied to fences without shelter of any kind.  Someone reported this abuse and in late winter, Star acquired a "dog house."  The puppies didn't.
This walk-through box looks like the one Star was using in 2006.
I don't believe Star had any puppies in 2006, but had one litter in 2007, and two in 2008.  Here she is in December '08, with four of her kids; one from 2007, one from Spring '08, and two from Fall '08.  She is out of her pen and can't get back in.
Star has been through many trials and tribulations in her life, and it just gets worse.  Here she is, in a small ramshackle pen, tied too short to get into her box, which is outside the pen.  We were having a winter storm that began with snow, then freezing rain, and then snow again.  It lasted three days and she was out in all of it.
Here is Star on March 15, 2009, with a male from 2005 (from another female.)  He has climbed into her pen and onto her dog house.  They are both on tethers, which is a dangerous situation.  Star was in heat and the owner did not prevent the mating that took place later that day.
The next morning, Star escaped from the male's pen, where the owner put her the evening before, and one of her pups from 2008 almost got lucky.  They ended up in a fight instead, set off by the yellow male having a conniption.
Big as a barn, Star somehow manages to escape from the pen repeatedly.  When she's out, she can't get back in, so here she is, stuck in the rain.  This is what she looked like just before her first litter in 2005 - tied to a fence without shelter in a cold October rain.  It was the first time I called the dog pound to try to get her some help.
Star had her most recent litter in the mud, on May 14, 2009.  Four weeks later, I observed a small child throw one of the puppies to the ground three times.  I don't know if it survived.
Star and the puppies were put into her old pen, and the male went back to his.  The owner tried to keep her from climbing out onto the box, to no avail.  One day Star got tangled up and couldn't get back in with her puppies.

Some time later, the box was removed, another box with the door on the outside of the pen appeared, then disappeared.  Then Star's box reappeared, temporarily.  Now a different box is there, Red Pup is in the pen, and Star is nowhere to be seen.

It's August and females are coming in heat.  I assume that Star will be pregnant with her next litter before long.
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  What this dog goes through is a travesty.  I have found her loose on the road with barbed wire wrapped around her body and a choker chain on her neck.  I have found her on my side of the privacy fence after digging under it seeking shade.  I have seen her hung up on fences so that her front feet wouldn't reach the ground.  I have seen her outside of various pens with just enough cable to land safely.  I have seen her teetering on top of fences in peril of hanging herself.  I have seen her without shelter in freezing temperatures, in blowing snow and sleet, in pouring down rain, in broiling sun.  What will it take to get someone to care?  Who has to die before something is done?  And will Star be the one?