ABC Dog School
copyright 2009  Carole J Sulser
Yellow Dog
This dog spent most of his first three years tethered at this drafty leaky box.  There is no roofing, and a board is missing, so that he has no place to stay dry when it rains.  In the winter, there is no way to stay warm.  This is not shelter!
When I took this picture, his tether was very short.
He spent a day in this tiny pen.  No shelter.  Here, he's being threatened by another dog, instigated by a fenale in heat.  Notice that there are puppies in the pen, too.
Here, he has been attacked by a loose male, while a female in heat is running at large.  In the end, he had a bloody gash on his nose, and his right ear was covered with blood.  The black and tan got tangled up in Yellow Dog's chain and cable. 
Yellow Dog barracaded in the 6X8 chain link pen.
Yellow Dog at risk of injury, hanging, or strangulation.  No way to tell if he has any kind of shelter.
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   This dog will be four years old around November 2nd, 2009.  He has been deprived of all the things a dog needs to be healthy, both physically and mentally.  He deserves better!