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Winter Woes 2009
  December 2008 and January 2009 are rife with canine miseries and close calls.  On November 29th, I hear a ruckus and look out to see puppies outside Star's pen.  One is white, one is black and tan.  Fuzzy, cute, and curly tails.  But, oh God!  More puppies!!!

   One day, I hear my dogs barking, and see the small cream-colored one that I call, Creamy, standing on some trash between the tool sheds.  He's wearing a red skirt!!!  Yes!  There's a red cloth fastened around his waist, draped around his rump and down to his feet.  I thought this was a male, but maybe not.  I wonder if they keep him in the shed; I hear barking in there sometimes, and there's a light on at night.
   Dogs are getting loose right and left. especially Bubblegum.  He always has something hanging from his collar; a red rope, a combination of cables and ropes, and most recently, two tight collars with two ropes so frayed they looked like binder twine.  He leaves runny poop all over the place, eats cat food, and pees on stuff in the garage on the way out.

   By early January, Creamy is coming over daily, usually bringing a puppy or two along.  They scratch a lot, and the puppies have big tummies.  Probably need worming.  They're pooping all over and eating cat food.  I find a grey female in the garage one day.  They're dragging food dishes around, and getting into other items.  On my way home for lunch one day, I find two puppies on the road at the curve.  I lay on the horn and they beat it for home, crossing the road to get there.  I believe they are in the rabbit pen now.

   I watch the Mrs. feeding one day.  She carries a bag of food and a bucket of water; dumps food on the ground or on top of dog box; pours water through or over the fence; uses a stick to move containers around inside the pens.  She's feeding someone in the tool shed, too.  The Red Dog in the Yorkie pen has about six foot of rope.  She has built the fence up to about five feet, and dumps his food over the top.

   January 13th, I am worried about severe cold due at the end of the week, and call the pound to see if they can do anything.  The humane officer says she's been there several times already, and reminds me that as long as the dogs are fed, her hands are tied.  I tell her about the horrible boxes, the near-hangings, etc.

   She tells me I should go onto the property if I see a dog's life in danger.  Also asks for address and mentions search warrant.  I tell her about my dossier and photographs, and she says to hang onto them for when we go to court.  I think, "Hey, they're finally going to do something!"

   She says she'll bring straw and food, and I see a big truck pull out of the driveway the next morning on my way to work,  It was nine degrees last night.  But, now I'm depressed and worried that the dogs will go to the pound and be executed.  Have I opened a can of worms?

   Winter hits big time, with snow and plummeting temperatures, school closings, and the library, too.  The neighbors don't seem to be staying in the trailer during this cold weather.  There are never any lights on at night.  The dogs are on their own.  I'm told Coshocton had minus 14 degrees Thursday night.  Saturday I see Brownie sleeping on the ground.  He can't get to his box.  That night I hear a horrific yowling over there; low-pitched, like someone desperate for help.  It's chilling.

   Every day there are new tracks in the snow as Bubblegum makes his daily cat food run.  I hear puppies barking in the shed, and from the vicinity of the rabbit pen.  Tuesday, the 20th, Star gets caught on her fence, and I make a phone call to the pound to get her some help.  Talk to someone named Tammy.

   On the 24th, I discover that Creamy is indeed a female, and she's running loose, driving the boys wild.  She has come up to the fence with Bubblegum and a red pup, who lets me know he's not a girl when I see him lift his leg.  The next day was so fraught with stupidity that I have a separate page for it!  See link below.

On Monday, Star still can't get to her box.  The Mrs. is flinging food and water at the dogs.  Bowls are full of ice.  Brownie licks at his a long time, trying to get some water.  Yellow Dog can't get on his box where the food is, and is standing on his tippy toes trying to eat.  How stupid is that woman?

   There is a small black and tan running loose.  He may have come out of the 6X8 chain link pen.  Red Dog is in the Yorkie pen wearing a collar and harness.  He's on the box trying to get out.  Black and tan tries to eat Chloe's food that is on the ground.  Brownie and the yellow male in next pen are fighting through the fence.

   Tuesday, the 27th, is another one for the history books.  My history book anyway.  First I see Bubblegum and Brownie tangled up together.  Then I see Brownie is wearing a choker chain.  Then the black and tan gets hung up between his and Star's pen.  He's bracing himself against the fences and whimpering, trying not to hang himself.  The Mrs. finally notices him and heaves him over the fence.

   Star is on a chain now, and still can't get to her box.  We get our big winter storm that night, with snow followed by freezing rain, followed by more snow, and she is out in all of it.  The males are all in high agitation as the hot chick, Creamy, trots around the yard.  This leads to the next big event.

   Red Dog is on a chain now, doubled so he can get hung up in it.  I hear a commotion and see a beautiful black and silver puppy playing with Creamy.  The Mrs., carrying something with one hand, uses the other to hoist the puppy up by the skin of his back.  Not his neck.  His back.   I'm scanning photos of all this misery into my computer when I hear the next big ruckus.  
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