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After the events of yesterday, March 15, 2009, I didn't think things could get any crazier next door, but I was wrong.  It's Monday, and I have to work 12 - 8 today.  As soon as I'm up I take a look over there to see if Star and her beau have managed not to hang themselves.

   The Mrs. is already at the pens.  She seems to be mulling things over.  Puttering.  Or something.  Star is still in the male's pen, and the male is still trying to get over the fence to get to her.  I don't see RPM, the red pup in the next pen, but then he comes into view.  When I look a little later, he's in his box.  Unusual.  I get the impression that something has happened.

   I see the Mrs. at Yellow Dog's box, doing something to his chain, and then she walks back towards the pens.  Red Pup gives her a wide berth.  Then she goes over to RPM's, and has to pull him out of his box to pat him on the head.  I never see her being affectionate with the dogs.  As soon as she lets go of him, he slinks back to his box.  Weird.  Maybe Star got out and the boys got into trouble. 

   The yellow male is on top of Star's dog house.  Later, I think I see him on the ground outside the pen, so I go after my camera.  When I return, he's gone.  Puzzling.  Then I see him in the pen on the end, next to RPM, and he's climbing out.  Now he's running full tilt across the yard, with the Mrs. hot on his heels.

   She comes back, carrying him, and dumps him over the fence into the pen.  He keeps climbing up, and she keeps knocking him back down.  But, wait!  I just saw the yellow male trying to climb out of Star's pen!  Then's Yellow Dog!  She has put him in that little cluttered up pen where the puppies were a couple of weeks ago!  What's that all about?  Is she going to stand there all day to keep him from getting out?

   Now she's pulling stuff out of the pen; first the plastic trash can, then the round planter, then dog food bags, then pieces of something flimsy off the top of the box.  The box is nothing but a frame with straw in the bottom and a piece of plywood leaning against the side.  This is where Red Pup spent the winter!

   Yellow Dog climbs on top of the frame, with difficulty, over and over, sometimes falling.  At one point he has fallen into the box and can't go anywhere because he's now on a tether, and it's wound around the crosspiece.  The Mrs. pulls him up and tosses him over the board.  He goes sprawling.  She keeps fussing around that pen, trying to figure out how to solve the problem.  Why is he even in there?

   She goes over to his old box, brushes something off the roof, and then turns the box so the door faces the road.  I wonder what that's all about.  I have other things to do, and the next time I look, Chloe is tied where Yellow Dog used to be!  I'm seething!  Chloe's owner provided her with a nice box, complete with paint and shingles, and now she's supposed to live with that wet drafty box?  I'll get a photo of that and make sure he knows about it!  Why does he leave her there?

   Now the Mrs. is looking at Chloe's box, and Red Pup.  She tries to coax him to come to her, but he won't.  Is she planning to give that box to him?  Outrageous!  She finally catches the black and tan puppy and carries her to the tool shed.  So that's where Star's puppies ended up?  Then where is Puppy Mama?  And her puppies?

   It seems like every time I go do something else, I come back to see another strange thing has happened.  Now she has put the spotted puppy in with Star!  I hope it's a female!  Star and RPM are staying close, and the yellow dog wishes she'd come his way.  I hear Star get snippy with the puppy, and the next time I look over there, the puppy is in the pen with Yellow Dog!  Now I'm hoping it's a male!  What next???

   Yellow Dog is still trying to escape.  Again and again he goes up the fence and strains against his tether, hanging out over the top.  I almost get a photo of this, but he doesn't stay there long enough.  The Mrs. is still hanging around, trying to keep everything under control.  I go do something else.  Have to take care of my own dogs and get ready for work.

   When I check later, the Mrs. is nowhere in sight and Star is out of the pen!  Looks like RPM is about to win the stud lottery today.  Yellow male is not liking this at all.  He's on top of the dog house having a conniption.  RPM climbs aboard and I snap a photo.  Yellow male snaps at them, RPM goes into self-defense mode, and just that quick, he and Star are having an awful fight.

   It looks like their tethers are tangled now, and they have another fight.  Not tangled after that one.  RPM runs over and he and Yellow Dog have a fight through the fence.  It looks like RPM is caught on the fence, but he gets down, so maybe he was, and maybe he wasn't.  I take my camera and run out to the far front dog yard to get a better view, and the males are at it again.  The spotted puppy is barking at them.

   The Mrs. finally comes out of the trailer, and I get back to whatever I was doing.  The next time I check, Star is back in the pen, and there is a black and tan puppy in with Yellow Dog and the spotted puppy.  And Chloe is back at her own box!  That's a relief!  What was that woman thinking?

   Before long, I hear a big ruckus.  Now what?  Oh, the Mrs. is flinging food!  The yellow male is in the pen, on tippy toes trying to reach food on the roof of the box.  The rest of them are eating off the ground, except for the spotted dog.  I can't see all of them, so I don't know where they eat.  After she's fed everyone, she tosses some more in for the puppies and bonks Yellow Dog on the head for trying to eat it.

   The Mrs. is puttering again.  She moves the tall box a little and pulls out a piece of particle board.  This she situates on top of the frame in the pen so that it appears to have a roof.  Yellow Dog jumps up on it and lies down.  I think he's worn himself out!

   Everything settles down for awhile, and then I see the Mrs. at the back of the pen.  I don't see Yellow Dog, but the puppies are still there.  She's trying to fasten a rug or something on the fence.  Now I see Yellow Dog is with her.  The back must be out of RPM's pen because Yellow Dog walks into it, and RPM is in the box.  I fear he'll come out of there and they'll have a big fight, but he stays put.  That woman is sure asking for trouble.

   By the time I leave for work, Yellow Dog is back in his usual place, taking a nap on the roof.  I wonder what crazy things will go on while I'm gone.  I hope no one gets hurt.  When I come home for break, there is a lot of racket over there, but I feed my dogs and ignore it.  I'm about burned out for one day.

   I get home a little after eight, and there is an awful ruckus at the neighbors'.  It sounds like fighting.  I don't think anyone is home, but can't tell for sure.  There's a light on in the trailer, but the porch light is off.  Great!  Now the dogs can kill each other and hang themselves without interruption.  It sounds so bad I think about calling the sheriff, but I don't.  Very disturbing!
copyright 2009 Carole J Sulser
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