ABC Dog School
How They Live
copyright 2009 Carole J Sulser
3-4-08  "Dog Town"  This was the front yard before the pens were built in midsummer.  (Photo below and on intro page.)  Skids everywhere; the remnants of the pallet pens of 2006.  Nice for walking on, getting snagged or injured.  The two boxes at left, are too close together.  The dogs sometimes got tangled up together.  The two spotted males use those now, and are on very short tethers.  They get no exercise, and I recently saw them trying to fight.  The boxes are close to the trees so that the dogs can get wound around the trunks.  The pens now sit in the middle of the area between those boxes and the driveway in the foreground.
10-26-08  This box has no back and some of the side boards are missing. It was "fixed" by leaning a piece of plywood against the back of the roof, leaving a gap.  Notice that the dog can get wound around the trees and not be able to get into the box anyway.  Several other dogs have the same problem.
10-07-08  This dog has climbed out of his pen and spent the night on the ground.  His door is facing into the wind and we've had a wind chill factor as low as minus 15 degrees.
  I have never seen the neighbor clean up excrement.  She feeds the dogs by dumping food on the ground, on a roof, or simply flinging it through a fence.  Water is poured over or sloshed through fences, as well, with no cleaning up of water containers.  Now they're freezing, and I don't see ice being removed.  It should be remembered that these pens have no gates!  She uses a stick to pull containers to where she can toss water at them.  This has got to be pretty unsanitary.  I cringe when I see the little grandaughter following her around over there.  And the dogs are loaded with fleas, and probably worms.  I'm surprised the health department hasn't been involved.
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3-02-09  This sad-looking box is in the Yorkie pen.  It doesn't have any boards around the bottom, and part of the roof is missing now, as well.  The Red Dog has spent the winter in this pen.
3-14-09  The "kennel"
3-03-09  Puppy escaping from a pen with a trash can, and a box that consists of a frame with pieces of this and that leaning against it to give the illusion of shelter.  Box in background has no roofing, just boards, and one is missing.
3-15-09  Red pup trying to reach food that has been placed too far away.  Dog at left and spotted dog in the background eating on top of boxes.  Other dogs eating off of the ground.  No food dishes.  Pens inadequate and deteriorating. 
1-27-09  The rabbit pen where dogs or puppies are kept for long periods of time with no exercise.  This is a wire pen and is unsuitable for very cold weather.
1-25-09  The plastic crate that has been used for outdoor "shelter" from hot sun and torrential rains, and for multiple occupants.  I never saw anyone inside of it.
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4-5-09  Dogs on short tethers, maybe four to six feet in length.  Winding around the trees can prevent access to boxes.  Leaky, drafty boxes with no roofing.  Imagine what this is like when it's pouring rain or snowing and blowing.