ABC Dog School
Log 2004-2006
copyright 2009 Carole J Sulser
August 2002 - Mrs. and daughter walking down road with Annie and Chubby.  Annie off-leash.  I'm teaching a student at upper end of yard, with Dahlia for a demo dog.  Annie runs up to us and attacks Dahlia over and over.  Mrs. finally comes after her.

December 2004
- Star on back deck with no shelter.  Lots of wind and snow.  Lots of barking at the door during the night.  Nobody comes to help her.  It's hard to sleep.

Star standing on chair with feet on deck rail, barking at something up the hill.  Looks like she will jump or lose her balance and hang herself.  Very scary!

Going to be really cold tonight.  I'm afraid Star will freeze.  I call.  Talk to Mr.  Offer doghouse.  Mrs. comes with car, but it won't fit in trunk.  We hoist it over the fence to the Mr.  Mrs. brings me gift certificate from Wal-Mart.  I buy dog food with it.

Winter 2005 - Star trashes dog house.  Now she's tied at the end of the trailer.  The skirting is open there, and she sleeps on the ground.

Summer 2005 - Star tied to front deck, and other places.  Sometimes no shelter; no shade.

August 2005 - Star in heat.  Tied out in the front yard while two males hang around.  Reminds me of the goat tethered in the T-Rex pen in "Jurassic Park"  Mrs. tells me the big black and tan dog hurt Star the night before.  DUH!

October 22, 2005 - Raining.  Star tied to fence, no shelter.  Piece of plywood leaning against fence.  Dog on windward side with straw on the ground.  Rain slanting right in on her and straw.  On a slope, rain running down the hill, too.  Everything wet.  Star is big as a barn!  Looks like she's going to whelp any minute!

It's cold and getting colder. 
I call the pound and tell them she needs shelter.  She's still there the next day and the next; maybe two or three days.  Then gone, I don't know where.

December 2005 - puppies in the Yorkie pen; can't tell how many.  I see spotted ones, and black and tans, and a brownish one.

Winter 2006 - puppies tied to fences in the back yard!  No boxes!  Lying on ground, snow, mud, cardboard, old clothing.  Some in Yorkie pen.  I dread every weather report.  Yellow one tied on back deck.

Yellow puppy is on wrong side of fence, really short cable.  Can't get back under fence or move around.  Turning around and around.  Afraid he'll strangle himself.  Still there the next morning.  I'm so mad at that woman!

I try to count them, but the ones in the pen aren't that visible and they move around and go behind the box.  I hear puppies in the tool shed, too.  It seems like they are everywhere!  One day I see a black one tied to the satelite dish.

Looks like only black and tan ones in the Yorkie pen now.

I haven't seen Annie all winter.  She used to be in that pen.  I wonder if something happened to her.

Spring 2006 - I've counted 14, and there are more in the tool shed!  How many can one dog have?

Star has a box now.  If you can call it that.  It only has two sides and a board roof that leaks.  It's a wind tunnel.  She's tied to it and as she goes in and out, her cable gets shorter.  She's on top of it more often than not.

Spotted male gets loose and tries to mate with Star.  He's comical.  Doesn't quite know how.  That's good!  I swear, you might as well turn these dogs over to a four-year-old!  That woman doesn't know a thing about dogs.

I hear fighting in the Yorkie pen sometimes.  Sounds serious; not just play.  I see some suspicious activity in there; someone in heat?  I guess they have been segregated by color instead of gender!  How stupid is that???  I mention to her one day, that the pups must be old enough to breed.

Lots of skids show up in front yard.  Mrs. makes pens out of them.  I call them pallet pens.  She puts a spotted male in one of them.  The gaps are covered with old fence and plastic.  He has a dog house and he's on a cable.  One day Friend drives in and spotted pup is all excited.  Tries to jump out of pen.  Might hang himself.  Scary!

April 11, 2006 - The great escape!  I see puppies running loose.  No answer when I call.  I grab leash and treats and head that way.  Friend in back yard, scratching head as if to say "What do I do now?"  He tells me the Mrs. will be gone a couple of days and he's there to watch their son.

I have a pen and a dog yard empty.  l tell him to toss them over the fence.  I run down to the front dog yard and he hands them over to me.  They're a mess!  He says the pen is like a sewer.  We get two blondies and a black and tan female.  There's another black and tan female and he ties her to a pallet pen.

Pallet pen is empty because spotted pup is loose, too.  We get him into my empty pen.  I'm worried about the other female.  I tell him to put her back in the Yorkie pen.  I'm upset.  Why did I do that?  I should have got every one that I could out of that mess.

Mrs. comes over that evening.  I tell her she can leave them here.  She says she's having ten doghouses built.  I wonder why she waited so long.  I ask what she feeds them.  She says the cat food that comes in the yellow bag.  Yikes!  I tell her you're not supposed to give them cat food.  She says she didn't know that.  She gets dog food after that.

Annie mystery solved.  Mrs. tells me Star and Annie had puppies in the trailer two days apart, eight apiece.  I ask her which ones are Annie's and which ones are Star's.  I ask her where Annie is; she's in the tool shed.  I had thought I heard her bark in there.

I rearrange fence so she has a gate on her side of yard to take care of girls.  She has to walk down road and up my drive to get to boy.

I ask her if she has a black and tan male.  She brings one from the tool shed.  He has a big eyeball.  She doesn't know how it happened.  It looks horrid.  I can't afford to take him to the vet, so I turn him down.

April 2006 - I see the black and tan female tied outside the Yorkie pen with a small plastic crate for shelter.  She is sleeping on the ground.  Sunshine and rain.  No shelter.  I'm anxious to get her over here!

She puts the black and tan boy in the Yorkie pen.  He climbs out and doesn't have enough cable to lie down.  No water or shelter all night.  Has to sit or stand all that time.  He's still there the next morning.  She finally comes out and heaves him over the fence with one hand while holding a food sack with the other.

I suggest we put him in with the spotted male at my house.  She brings him over, but they don't hit it off.  We're afraid they'll have a fight.  She takes him back home.  I put the fence back up that I took down after Boop died, so Grizzly could use both pens.  Now I have a place for the pup.

April 25, 2006 - It's chilly and raining.  I see the black and tan boy tied outside of the Yorkie pen, and outside the yard fence.  But he has crawled under the fence and is in the fenced area between the pen and the trailer.  He's lying there on the ground all day in the rain.

I have to go to 4-H, but I can't stand it.  It's supposed to be freezing tonight and he's all wet.  Before I leave, I take a leash and go over the back way to where he is.  I don't know if anyone is at home.  I'm shaking like a leaf.  I pull him under the fence and bring him home.  Now he's in Grizzly's old pen and has a dry dog house.  What a relief!

I explain the next day why I did this.  She says, "Oh, well I had them out there all winter."  She thinks it's okay!

April 29, 2006 - I want to get the other female.  The Mrs. brings her over, but the blonde one, Peanut, attacks her.  Peanut goes back to the awful Yorkie pen temporarily, but the other one doesn't seem to like the other two pups.  So I put her in Busch's old pen.  She escapes and goes back home.  I see her running around with a yellow male.  Can't figure out how she got over that six foot fence!  I discover that she could go under, and she knew how because she's been doing it at home.  I replace missing wires that hold the fence to the bottom rail, and she doesn't get out after that.

I feel really bad for Peanut.  Since the black and tan is in a pen, we bring Peanut back, but now she's attacking the other two pups!  She's been pretty bossy all along, and getting worse, so, as much as I hate it, I let her go back to the Yorkie pen.  Sad.  Should have brought all four in the first place.
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