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Log 2009 - May
copyright 2009  Carole J Sulser
May 1, 2009 - May Day!  May Day!  Star is out in the rain again!  She looks like a potbellied pig.  She's come full circle.  Remember Halloween, 2005?  I get a photo of her sitting there looking pitiful.  Tip and her brother are loose and barking at me.  Star doesn't even bother to stand up.  She can't be seen from the trailer, so who knows how long she'll be in that predicument.  Was she there all night?

Not five minutes later, I hear a ruckus.  The dogs are barking at the trailer.  No sign of Yellow Dog or yellow male.  Star is wet and muddy, and she and Brownie can get tethers tangled, but so far, so good.  The racket dies down, and pretty soon, starts up again.  Then I see a blue car backing out.  Pretty sure it's the license number that was on the grey Cougar.  That car, as I see later, is parked by the trailer.

The blue car stops, and the Mrs. gets out.  She's dressed up, leaning over; looks like she's trying to get Star and Brownie to move elsewhere.  Useless.  She gives up and away they go, Star and Brownie milling around and barking at them.  Now Brownie goes into his box, and Star is either caught on the fence, or his tether is around hers.  It's about 9:30 AM, and she's stuck.  Eleven o'clock, and she's still there.  No shelter, no water.

I check later, and see a furry mound.  I pray this isn't my first postmortem photo.  She gets up.  Still caught.  I go down to the far front yard and take a look at the 6X8 pen, and there's Yellow Dog!  He's barracaded in there.  The yellow male has finally made an appearance, too.  Shorty is tied so short, or tangled in the trees, that he can barely get out of the box.  Tip and Bro come up to the fence to bark at me.  Tip is afraid, but Bro is braver.

About noon I hear a ruckus.  Maybe the owners have returned.  I check a half hour later and Star is uncaught.  She's sitting by the box looking forlorn.  The front of the pen is open.  It looks like she could get in if her tether wasn't over the top of the fence.  Around 1:00, another ruckus.  Star is in her pen, on top of her box, and the pen is closed.  The Mrs. is at Shorty's box with food, messing with a tether it looks like.  Shorty isn't there.

I see her trying to entice someone with the food and I think she's after Tip and Bro, who are staying away from her.  Then I see Shorty, dragging a piece of tether, his hackles up.  The Mrs. is trying to get him, but he's free and he wants to stay that way.  She's still dressed up and following the dog around.  I lose sight of them.

Later she's walking with the red water bucket.  She drops some in for Chloe, passes Shorty's box (he's not there,) and picks up a muddy pan by Grumpy's trees.  She moves it, pours water in without rinsing it out, sets the bucket on his box, washes her hands in it.  Then she goes past the Spotted Dog (I guess he has to share with Grumpy.)  I lose sight of her, and then she comes back and pours water in the end pen on the grey pup's side, passes Star, pours some for the yellow male, and then she's out of sight again.  No sign of Shorty.

May 2, 2009 - Today I have to work, so I get a break from the insanity.  When I get home, Star is out of her pen again.  I don't know how she does it!  The front is closed.  She was in this morning.  Red Pup is sick of his extreme confinement and barking a lot.  It looks like the pen is divided some way.  The grey pup stays in the back part of it.  I haven't seen puppy number four lately.

Tip and Bro are still at large.  Another male/female duo.  Shorty is tied back up again, at YD's box.  He's tied really short, but sometimes he can get on top of the box.  I don't know who's in the tool shed, but the door has been open all week.

May 3, 2009 - Lots of racket next door.  It's 8 PM and things are sounding bad.  I see everybody barking toward the road, but I can't see what's going on.  Fifteen minutes later, I see Shorty, Spotted Dog, Tippie, and Brother cruising the back yard.  Shorty has his hackles up, looking like a tough guy.  Tip is probably in heat.  This is not looking good.  I heard the Mrs.' voice earlier, but don't know if anyone is home now.

Suddenly Twinkle is having a fit at the back door.  Spotted Dog is in my back yard.  I go out through the garage with my camera.  He's at the side yard gate meeting with Snoopdog.  He sees me and moves menacingly toward home, giving me sidelong glances as he's stalking away.

There's a ruckus in their front yard, so I head down to the far front yard with camera and stool.  No cars.  Shorty and Spotted Dog are moving around each other.  I make a noise to disrupt them, and everyone heads my way, Tip in the lead.  They come right onto my property, and SD is at the fence with his hackles up, giving me those looks again.  Testosterone time again!

Bro comes running and he and Tip come up to the fence.  Shorty hangs back by the tool shed.  It's a pretty scary situation.  That Spotted Dog is antisocial!  He and Shorty are a bad combination for sure.  I hope Bro doesn't get beat up on.  There could be a real free-for-all tonight.  I hope those idiots come home SOON!

May 5, 2009 - Star is out of her pen this morning.  A couple of hours later I hear a strange sound while in the front yard, and think it's a dog.  But it may be the Mrs.  She's putting Star in - the front of the pen is open - and she might have yelled at her.  Then a road grader shows up and everybody goes beserk.

Red Pup and grey pup are together by the box, trying to eat something.  Maybe they just got fed.  Later, it looks like the tiny pen has been divided and both dogs can go the length of it, but not the width.  Shorty gets loose again.  I hear hammering in the afternoon, and the Twp. guy is still working on the road.  Another unpleasant day.

May 8, 2009 - As I'm coming home from work, I see Star lying on her side in her box.  I wonder if she's had her puppies, but she's not due until the 16th.  While I'm feeding downstairs, Tip and Bro come up to the far front fence, causing a ruckus.  Then they show up in the back yard while my crew is out.  Archie jumps so high at the fence, that I have to carry him into the house, and Twinkle, too.  I sure am sick of this.

May 10, 2009 - The usual commotions all weekend, plus Tip and Bro hanging around.  I'm in the side yard with Snoop and Liver when Tip comes up and makes her usual racket.  Then Shorty and Bro come out from under the trailer and up to the fence.  Shorty has a bent up cable sticking out from his collar.

It's getting dark when I check on one of my dogs in the front yard, and hear a ruckus  next door.  There are two black & tans near the pens.  I grab the binocs.  It's Shorty and Bubblegum, and they're looking a bit tense.  Shorty reminds me of a Spanish bull, stalking around with his hackles up.

They seem to be interested in the 6X8 pen.  I don't see Yellow Dog in there.  Don't see Tip and Bro, either.  Brownie looks like he's ready to get involved in whatever's going down.  The black & tans have walked away, and I can't see them.  My maple tree has leaves now, and it's blocking my view of part of the yard.  RPM, Red Pup, and the spotted males, all seem agitated.  So who's in heat?

May 11, 2009 - Sounds of "home improvement" next door - hammerings and clankings.

May 12, 2009 - Morning.  I take a look, and what little I can see, now that my maple tree has leaves, is like a porthole into madness.  Red Pup's pen is missing a lot of stuff, including the skid-like thing, and he and Grey Girl are mingling.  Who's tethered and who isn't, I can't tell.  A section of fence where there is a hole, is covered with a wood panel that restricts the view into the pen.

Star's box is gone, replaced by a square one with the door outside the pen.  I don't know who is supposed to use it.  Inside the pen, a board is leaning against the fence where the occupant normally climbs out onto the box.  I don't know if there is a box inside the pen now.  The tall backless box is not to be seen.  Lots of changes but no improvement!  Shuffling existing boxes around doesn't provide shelter for the expanding number of dogs.  These boxes don't provide shelter for anyone anyway!

Around noon I go into town.  Coming home, I see the backless box behind the pens.  The Mrs. is walking down the road past my house.  It looks like she is looking for someone.  Later, the square box in front of Star's pen is gone, and there's a short piece of wood across the opening.  Is the yellow male still in there?

Now I'm really pissed.  She's traded Chloe and Shorty places.  Now Chloe is tied at Yellow Dog's miserable box, where Shorty has been lately, and Shorty is at Chloe's.  In Red Pup's pen, I see Brother and someone else, either Grey Girl or Tippie Tail.  RP's head is above the fence.  He might be lying on top of the nonshelter.

I put my Dogs Deserve Better yard sign up, where it can be seen from both directions.  Such insanity!

May 14, 2009 - And it just gets worse!  We've had several days of rain, and Star is outside her pen.  She's lying in a depression, licking something.  Looks like puppies - white ones and black ones.  She was bred 60 days ago.  It's supposed to rain, maybe storm, today.  A few minutes later, here comes the Mrs., pushing a stroller with a small child.  Lots of curly hair like the grandaughter, but looks too small.

The Mrs. is looking at Star, her red bucket sitting nearby.  Must have gone out to water them.  Now she picks up two hands full of puppies, HANDS ONE TO THE TODDLER, and carries the rest away.  I can't see where she's putting them.  She comes back for more, carrying a black one by the skin of its BACK.  Star is agitated.  She's a muddy mess, too.

Now the Mrs. gets the yellow male out and tries to force him into Star's pen, while trying to keep Star out of the way.  Now she's switching tethers while hanging onto both dogs.  Then she takes Star to wherever she put the puppies, I'm assuming.  I have to leave for work.  When I come home, the yellow male is out, and the front of the pen is open.

Tip is in my back yard when I let my house gang out.  Yesterday she and Bro were here and I used a hose to run them off and get mine off the fence.  So I do this again.  While downstairs, I see Tip and Bro come over, wreaking havoc - Gracie jumping six feet high as they walk along the fence.  They're heading for the other end of my building, where they subsequently show up in my driveway.

Dogs barking en masse until late at night, with brief intervals.  Not happy sounds.

May 17, 2009
- I can see Star from far front dog yard.  She's tethered outside the pens, and trying to reach something on the ground.  There's a skid or something up on edge, one of those nonsensical obstructions the Mrs. uses to make life more difficult.  Star tries to get back to the box, but she's caught on the skid.  After retracing her steps, she makes it to the box, but doesn't go in.  She seems agitated.  Yellow Dog is still in the 6X8.  The Mrs. is on the front deck doing something to a yellow cat.

May 19, 2009
- Spotted Dog here, front yard and back yard. Star's box is back in its place.  Went to Coshocton today, and stopped in at the new Friends of the Animals adoption center.  Left card for Sandi Guinther.

May 20, 2009 - Horrible commotion.  Looks like Yellow Dog is loose.  He's running with Tip and Bro.  I don't think anyone is home.
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