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Log 2006
May 2006 - The Mrs. isn't using the pooper scooper I put out for her.  She's feeding cheap food with lots of fillers and coloring, so the yard is wall to wall poop; colorful poop; big poop.  I clean it up so they can play without getting into it.

I put stainless steel bowls out for them to eat out of, and they played musical bowls when Peanut was here.  She wanted to eat everybody's.  The other blonde was desperate to get some before she got chased out.

The Mrs. preferred to drop plastic jugs over the fence with food in them.  She didn't want to come into the yard and get jumped on.  One day I come home to find the blonde girl staggering around with her head stuck in a yellow jug.  It was comical to see, but I was worried she'd suffocate or hurt herself, since she couldn't see where she was going.  I leave a note on the gate to please not drop jugs in the yard again.

I'm worried about them coming down with something.  I buy shots at Agland for the pups.  What a circus!  But I get the job done.  I tell the Mrs. I did it, in case she was going to do it, too.  I don't think she bothers.

The Mrs. tells me she had tried to find homes for the puppies.  I'm afraid she still might.  I ask if I can have the three girls and she says yes.  Now she only has the boys to care for.  She takes the spotted one home and puts him in a chain link 6X8 pen that is there now.

We have some pretty hot days and I'm worried about Annie in the shed.  I talk her into bringing over here.  She's in the first pen.  I've moved the black and tan to the second pen.

His eye seems to get even bigger and I'm afraid he'll puncture it.  It probably hurts, too.  I doubt he can see out of it.  I suggest she take him to the vet, but it doesn't happen.

June 3, 2006 - I take him to the vet.  They want a name.  I tell them Big Boy for now.
June 5, 2006 - Big Boy has his eye removed and gets neutered, too.  His socket is stitched shut with a long piece of gauze inside with the end hanging out.  I'm supposed to pull it out a little each day.

June 6, 2006 - Spotted pup gets out of pen and comes over.  He tries to pull Big Boy's gauze out, so I find a chain and tie him to Annie's pen.  He won't stay off of my liveforever and I have to go to 4-H, so I bring a crate out.  He goes in okay.  I figure the Mrs. will take him home, but when I get back, he's still here!  He spends the night in the basement.

June 19, 2006 - Big Boy gets his stitches out and a rabies shot.  My car has been wrecked so I have to take him in the rental.  I've spent almost $400 on him, so I guess he's mine now.  The Mrs. doesn't offer to pay me back.

Summer 2006 - I'm getting ready to go away one night and see the yellow boy is loose.  I want to put him in a pen, but he's afraid of me.  No one is home.  I see the spotted pup is outside his pen with no cable to spare.  He's sitting there with no water or room to move around.  I go get him and put him in the pen beside Annie.  I hope I don't get into trouble.

The Mrs. tells me that spotted pup got out of the pen one day when she had the gate open, and she had a terrible time catching him.  He ran down the road.  Scary.  I ask if I can keep him and she says yes.  I name him Bernie.

A woman comes into the library and we find that we both know my neighbor.  She asks if I knew that
someone turned them in to the humane society.  I certainly did not know that, but I'm glad to hear it.  That explains why she suddenly decided to get dog houses.  I wonder who it was.  I'm the only one who can see the back yard.

No mowing for the last three years, except in the front.  Trash piled up by driveway and between tool sheds.  I see a rat eating out of dog dish.  Reba chases one across the yard.  I tell the Mrs. about it and she says they don't have any.  How would she know?  The grass is too high!

I'm worried about the dogs in the sun without shade.  Dog boxes are trashed already, although they didn't look too good to begin with.  I dread their second winter.  I hear hammering over there, but she doesn't really know how to build or repair.

I see Peanut in the Yorkie pen, and she can't get out of the sun.  She's really panting.  Her cable is caught on something.  No one home.  I take water over but can't get to her because of the fences.  There is food on the ground.  I hope she makes it.  She does, but what misery she was in!

A yellow dog is in the rabbit pen in the sun in the front yard.  Plastic over it.  He's been there a long time.  I go over and ask if I can have the one that doesn't have white on it.  If that's the one in the pen, I can get him out of there.  If it isn't, that one can take the other one's box.  She says I can have the dog, but I don't have a place for him right now.  I'll get him later, I think.

September 14, 2006
- I come home from work and find a note from the Mrs. on my door.  Says Belle got out, she put her back in, she got out again, so she put her in the back dog yard.  I walk into the kitchen and the door bursts open.  In barrels several dogs, including Belle.  I must have forgotten to lock it.  As they jumped up on it, while Belle was trashing my flowers, it came open.

They seemed to get along just fine and had a high old time.  Belle had dug a hole under her fence, and that's how she got out twice, while Gracie didn't get out at all!  I fixed the problem.

Fall 2006 - Friend brings Chloe, Jasmine's sister, for obedience classes.  He buys her a leash and training collar from me.  I buy her a big nylon bone.  I mention how strange that a male is in the rabbit pen, instead of a female in heat.  A day or two later, I see that the yellow dog is finally out, and Peanut is in.

Annie comes in heat.  She backs up against the fence, but Bernie can't make the connection.  I move Annie to another pen and take care of her myself until the crisis is over.  No puppies for her!

I see a walk-through dog house next door.  Afraid somone will spend the winter with it.  I take a picture of it.  Don't see a dog using it though.  There are dog boxes all over the front yard.  I call it Dog Town.

I'm concerened about Belle getting out during deer season.  She's quite a digger.  I put up some chain link panels in the yard at the end of the pen so she can't get to the fence.  If she gets out of the pen, she'll still be in the yard.  They have plenty of room and they're more secure.

First day of deer season, I hear a dog yapping up on the hill behind us.  It's the black and tan male.  The Mrs. has taken him from his box in the front yard and tied him in the trees at the edge of Arnold's woods, where bullets may be flying soon.  I see red cloth tied to the perimeter fences at intervals.  Must be claiming her territory.  Useless. Those guys shoot at anything that moves.  They even shoot each other.

The dog is at risk up there.  I see her in the back yard and ask why the dog is up there.  She yells at me that she can do anything she wants on her own property.  She seems to be daring anyone to shoot her dog.  I tell her that the dog is in danger.  She repeats herself.  I tell her maybe so, but if the dog gets killed, dead is dead.  He's up there the rest of the day, complaining the whole time.

Friend gets Chloe spayed, innoculated, wormed, tested for heartworm, and treated for fleas.  Yay!  I give him a hug.  There were no new puppies this year.  Yay!  But I'm dreading their second winter.  At least they don't have to sleep on the ground.
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