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Stud Lottery
  At this point in time, there are a number of intact male dogs next door, and three females.  One of these, a small cream-colored one, not quite a year old, was in heat the latter part of January, and causing quite a ruckus.  Lots of testosterone floating around over there!

   It reminds me of a lottery, in this case, a stud lottery.  Creamy saunters around the yard with whoever has managed to get loose, and if no one has escaped from a pen, she can take her pick of those tethered to trees.

   She's been seen in the company of Bubblegum (who is her half brother,), a small red male (that could be her brother,) a black and tan (who could, also, be her brother,) Red Dog (who could be her father if the red pups are her brothers,) Yellow Dog (who is her half brother,) and if this isn't enough, she has access to two spotted males (her half brothers,) Brownie (who is a half brother, at least,) and another red pup (brother?)

   When Red Dog and Brownie were facing off, Creamy was right there egging them on.  When Yellow Dog and Shorty were trying to kill each other, she was there cheering!  I wonder which one she was rooting for!

   The spotted female is in the shed.  I call her, Puppy Mama.   With her big boobies, she is either nursing puppies, or has weaned them.  She'll be coming in heat, too.  I wonder how long she'll be in the shed.  She was out temporarily in January.  Then one night I saw her being dragged to the shed on her back feet, while the Mrs. kicked at Creamy, who was running interference.

   When Star and Bubblegum were tied in Star's pen together, they got a bit frisky.  I saw them taking turns mounting each other.  I'm guessing Star was in heat, but not necessarily at the crucial point.  In the past, I have seen her tethered next to intact males, her sons actually.  Do these people not know how dogs get pregnant?

   The only male on the property that didn't get to play the stud lottery, was a three-year-old yellow male who is incarcerated in a pen.  I rarely get a glimpse of him.  The first time, he looked like he could hardly walk.  I don't know if there is a skid in the pen, or if he was injured.

   I'm thinking the latter, or he would have been out of there, just like the rest of them.  He's using the Ruff Hauz, but I've never seen him on top of it.  The other time I saw him, he was fighting with Brownie through the fence.  I'm worried about this dog.  They don't get veterinary care.

   We've had a big fight and some near-fights, and who knows what goes on when I'm not home to hear it or see it?  But, things have quieted down now, as concerning the hot chick, and I wonder who won?  Or how many won!  I'm not sure how many daddys one litter can have!

  There have been other stud lotteries in the past, too.  The Mrs. told me that the spotted dog she calls, Grumpy, got injured in a fight when another dog got loose and attacked him.  Most of the time these dogs are tied close together and get along fine.  And after seeing Red Dog with one of the red pups recently, it's obvious who won that time!

   Creamy doesn't have a dog house.  She may spend time in the trailer, but she's been outside at all hours and in all kinds of weather and when no one is home.  So where will she have those babies?  And where will they go when they don't need her anymore?  I'm guessing the rabbit pen!

   That means that Star's pups will have to go to the Yorkie pen, and Red Dog will have to go somewhere else.  And then Puppy Mama's puppies will need a place to go, as well.  Is anyone going to put a stop to this madness?

   Amazingly enough, these are all nice-looking dogs with nice temperaments.  I don't want to see them euthenized.  I don't want to see them trying to kill each other either, and that's what happens when they play the stud lottery.
Some of the players in the Stud Lottery
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