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  It's March 15, 2009, and, as can be expected, there's lots of action next door.  It's Sunday, and the Mrs. is probably at church.  While I'm feeding my dogs, I notice that the Red Dog is awfully quiet, in spite of the commotion.  Seems strange.  When I check on him, I think I see him inside the recliner frame (the chair Star slept on in 2004?) that has been pushed up against the side of the pen where he's been getting out.  As it turns out, he's in the pen, sleeping on the ground.

   I can see his trashed non-shelter pretty good, so I'll get a photo of it.  After his close call with strangulation a few days ago, when he went over the top with barely enough chain, maybe he isn't even alive.   While upstairs getting my camera, I check the other dogs and see that the yellow male is on Star's dog house with her, so I get a shot of that.  He's the one who never gets out!  Seems he might be highly motivated today.  I get a photo of Red Dog's box from the side yard fence.  He wakes up and starts barking, so I get one of him with his amazing neckware.

   While I'm there, I hear a car drive in next door.  So I run upstairs to see what's happening with Star and her boyfriend.  (They're both on tethers.)  The neighbors' car is parked in front of the pens.  Everyone has calmed down by the time I get to the deck, and the yellow male is in Star's pen.  I wonder if anyone saw he was out of his own pen.  Now he's climbing out onto the dog house again.  Maybe someone will see him.  I get a good shot of them sitting there together.

   Noon, and the Mrs. is finally out there feeding, in her church clothes.  Probably leaving again.  She's walking around dumping food on the ground.  Red Pup gets too close to Red Pup M, (I'll just call that one RPM) and gets attacked.  RPM's food has been dumped into the lavendar bowl that used to be mine, but his cable is really short, and he's straining for all he's worth, trying to reach it.  The Mrs. walks by several times, but pays no attention to him.  Seems pretty cruel to me!

   A black and tan puppy is running loose with Red Pup.  What's left of RPM's food is on ground now, and he's still trying to reach it.  The Mrs. appears again, using the cooler to haul water.  She's using one of those yellow jugs to pour water in containers.  After awhile I see RPM in the pen next to his, where the puppies were for a few days.  He's trying to reach something, but gives up and crawls out through a hole in the corner.   His cable seems even shorter now.  I wonder if he's going to get some water.  Then I see the lavendar bowl is sitting straight up, so it probably has water in it now.

   The Mr. comes out and stands by the car on the passenger side, waiting for the Mrs. to finish up.  Oh dear, their little grandaughter is there, too.  She follows her grandma around as she tries to round up puppies.  There are two black and tans out. The Mrs. is carrying food and calling "lubba lubba lubba," or whatever.  The yellow male is still in Star's pen and Star is eating food on the roof.  I can't believe she's leaving those dogs together!  But, why not?  She left Bubblegum in there a few weeks ago.

   I want to see where she's going to put those puppies, but have to go do something else.  When I get back, the grandaughter is in car, and I only see one puppy.  Wait!  What's this?  Star is in her pen and there is a tail wagging around like crazy.  Looks like they're getting down to business!   The Mrs. seems about to get into the car when she notices the action.  Suddenly she's trying to get the male out of there.

   She's using whatever she can grab to swing at him, and pulling on his tether.  The Mr. just stands there shaking his head and looking at the ground.  Finally he walks over and observes.  He's probably thinking, "Oh God!  More puppies!"  That's what I'm thinking, too! After using what looks like an eight foot tree limb to convince the dog to go into his own pen, the Mrs. tosses it aside and manages to pull him over the fence by his rope.  Now she grabs a smaller switch and bangs it on his dog house, like that will convince him to stay there.

   Star is on her roof again, and the Mrs. shoves her into the pen.  Are they really going to do nothing to prevent a repeat performance?  They're obviously in a hurry to get somewhere, but I thought she'd at least put Star somewhere else.  Doesn't she have a clue as to what's going on here?  She tries again to corral the loose pup, while the Mr. waits in the car.  Finally she gets into the car and they drive away.  The yellow male has already climbed back into Star's pen and is on her dog box before the car is out of sight.

   I'm thinking there's going to be some action, so I hang around with my camera.  His rope is too short, and he can't quite reach his goal.  I go down to put my girls back in their pens and let Sula out, when I hear barking next door.  I go out to the far front dog yard.  OMG!  He's got lucky, and there I am without my camera!  Well, if there's a tie, I have time to get it.  So I run upstairs, get my camera, grab a stool on the way out so I can photograph over my five foot fence.  False alarm.

   I spend some time there waiting for them to get back at it, but Star is distracted by my presence, and I have other things to do, so I give up.  While I'm there, I hear barking in the tool shed.  And the puppy is still loose, barking at me.  I work on my website for awhile and go back to check on Star.  The dogs are in the pen and they're DOING THE DEED!  That yellow dog has finally WON THE STUD LOTTERY!  I can see into the pen now that the car isn't there, but the box is in the way.  I can see just the male's back end.  He's definitely mounted.

   This goes on for quite awhile, and then they move around so I can see Star, but only glimpses of the male.  They're tied now, and remain so for a long time.  Star wants to move away, but she's out of chain.  There's a post in the way, or I could get a shot of the two of them tail to tail.  The post-action bliss.  I know, let 'em have some privacy!  But, I just want to prove that more puppies are on the way, and how stupid those people are, to let this happen time and time again.

   Other males are hanging around, hoping for some action.  Shorty's pen is all covered up, so I don't know if he's in there or not.  Hard to believe he isn't out.  Red Pup is hanging around.  I see him at the back of the pen, and then he walks through between Star's and Shorty's pens.  RPM is revved up, too.  It's a miracle that Brownie and Bubblegum aren't loose.  Poor Red Dog.  He's stuck in the back yard.

   The black and tan puppy tries to get into the pen with his mother, and Star pokes her nose through the hole in the fence.  Thankfully she doesn't try to crawl through.  One can imagine the problem her boyfriend would have with that!  The puppy rolls over on it's back and I can see it's a female.  Must be around six months old by now.  How long before Red Pup wins the stud lottery?

   Well, it's late afternoon, and the last I looked, Star was lying on the dog box, and I could see the yellow male's tail wagging inside the pen.  I hope they don't get too tangled up, and that there's water they can get to.  They could be stranded there for hours.

   Late evening and I'm taking care of dogs outside when I hear the Mrs.' voice.  What a surprise!  They're back!  I look to see if Star and her boyfriend are okay, and the Mrs. is standing by Star's box, looking into the pen.  Of course, I fear the worst, so I rush upstairs to get a better look from the deck.  I can see the yellow dog in the pen and he's okay.

   Oh, no!  What is she doing???  She's dragging Star out of the pen onto the dog box, and trying to hoist  her into the yellow male's pen!  Now she's dropped her and Star has hurt her leg.  She can't put weight on it.  Failing to get her over the fence, she now opens the front of the pen and shoves her through it.  She's fastening Star's tether to the fence.

   Next she's fastening yellow male's tether to the other side of Star's pen.  They're probably worse off now than before!  The male is trying to get back into his own pen, and probably doesn't have enough rope for a safe landing.  And RPM, who is next door to Star now, is all excited.  New possibilities, he thinks!  What next???  It's almost dark, so I won't know until morning if they all survive.
Another Lottery Winner!
copyright 2009 Carole J Sulser
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