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One Dog's Personal Hell
5-25-08  Evening, same day as photo above.  Cable still wound around the tree.   Looks like one or more chains around his neck, one pulled up tight.  His head is to the left.   I thought he was dead this time. 
5-25-08  Looking pretty miserable after hours of being snagged.  Can't reach house or water, if there is any.  Cable is fastened to the sappling at the left, about four feet up.  From there it goes across to the sapling on the right, and is wrapped around and around, down to the dog's collar.
  This is one of the pups Star had in the summer of 2007.  I didn't see him all winter, and then he showed up, tied in the trees where Buster had been, but with the Ruff Hauz dog house.  He got the roof off of it in short order.  After that, he was moved to the front of the trailer, as seen in first two photos, with only the top of the Ruff Hauz for shelter. 
   I have numerous journal entries about this pup being unable to get in out of the weather, and doing an awful lot of scratching, too.  Why can't something be done?  I have not seen him since the middle of July, 2008  Where is he?
4-7-08  I watch him trying to climb over the fence by standing on the dog house roof.  He finally makes it with barely enough rope, which is tied to the fence.
4-8-08  The next day he tries it again.  Except this time, he decides to use the fence as a hammock!  He remained there for quite awhile, and took a nap.
4-12-08  Moved to the back yard.  I never saw him under the roof.  His rope has certainly seen better days!
4-20-08  Wet dog with cable wrapped around tree all day and all night in the rain.  Tried to pull water jug over to him, but it was empty.  He bears his misery in silence.
4-29-08  Snagged again, and sleeping in the mud.  Chain around neck is pulled up tight.  This is morning sun, so he was probably there all night.
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