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Dogs in Danger
4-12-08  Not sure if this pup is tethered or not.  They usually are.  May not have enough to reach the ground.  I didn't watch long enough to see the conclusion of this action, but I didn't see him outside the pen after that.  Not sure where he is now.
6-22-08  One of the 2007 pups trying to decide which way to go.  Right after I got this shot, he toppled over the back and landed safely outside the pen.  Notice big tummy.  Might be a bad case of roundworms, puppies, or maybe just a very large meal.  I don't know where this dog is now.
6-29-08  I don't know who this little fellow is.  He looks like he's standing there by choice, but he's caught on the fence.  He got very tired, and tried to get down every so often, but swung in his collar.  He was there for over an hour, not saying a word!  I finally called the Sheriff's Dept. and they called the neighbors, who had a devil of a time getting him out of that predicument.  Things like this happen frequently.  This took place the day of the big storms, and Chloe is still out of her pen without shelter.
1-25-09  This black and tan has climbed out of the 6X8X4' chain link pen behind the "fence."  He's in danger of falling, as he did on 1-27-09.  In photo at left, his head is just under the red food sack, with his front feet on the fence.  I could hear him whimpering.  He was hoisted back into the pen, and escaped again later the same day.  Slipped collar that time and got tangled in another dog's chain while fighting over a female in heat, that is running at large.
   These dogs and pups are tethered with frayed cables, ropes, chains, binder twine, some with collars, some with choker chains.  They sometimes have several cables hanging from them, and an assortment of snaps and configurations of cable that make no sense, but pose a serious problem for the dogs.  Cables break and are tied together; the dogs come over here dragging balled up tethers.  Before the big fight, as described on another page, the Yellow dog was on a chain with a length of cable twisted around it and a loop hanging so he could get his legs tangled up.  Other dogs are on doubled up cables and chains that put them at the same risk.
1-27-09  The dog at right has climbed out of her pen to get a better look at the action as I tried to seperate the tangled fighting dogs.  She was caught on that fence a few days previously, with her neck at the top of the fence, and only her hind feet on the ground.  Since then I have seen her trying to climb into an adjoining pen with a male, without enough chain.  She has many close calls.
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3-11-09  This dog has climbed out of his pen.  It was quite a drop and he just barely made it.  His neckwear, which is a hazard in itself, is pulled upward by the chain.
1-27-09 & 3-15-09  Dogs fighting and getting tangled in chains, cables, ropes, and other tethers.
3-15-09  Female in heat and male that has climbed into her pen from the adjoining one.  Dog house is outside pen.  Both dogs on tethers.  They later mated in the pen.
6-29-09 & 7-04-09  Dogs fighting, above, and, at right,  the same two dogs about to mix it again.  One got out of a pen with no cable to spare, and the other got loose from the deck.
5-28-09  This dog has got out of his pen and is unable to get front feet to the ground.  See his collar pulled upward.  He's in bossy Brownie's area, and at risk of being attacked, as well.  He was this way over an hour, then got loose.  The next day, he did it again.