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  On the left, Sula, as he came to me in May, 2006.  Born in the fall of 2005, he was one of the puppies that lived in the tool shed, and maybe later in the Yorkie pen with other "Rotts," as the Mrs.called them.  She didn't know how the eye was injured, but did not take him for medical treatment.  It cost me almost $400 to get him repaired and neutered. Or, fixed and fixed.  He's a handsome boy now.
  This walk-through box looks like the one that Star lived in, or rather on, late winter 2006, while her puppies were tied to fences without any shelter at all.
  July 2007  I call this one, Baking Buster.  He had about 12-18 inches of cable, and was panting furiously in 95+ degree heat.  Do you think he has water?  If so, could it be, like, pretty warm?  Can he possibly even get to it?  This is the infamous Yorkie pen, which usually has a truck bed liner over it, but it was removed because Buster climbed on top of it.  So he suffered in the sun.
There aren't many photos until 2008, but these will show the long-standing inability of the owner to manage the growing number of dogs on her property.
  Thanksgiving, 2007  Buster's new digs.  Here he is, sleeping in the mud and rain all day.  Either can't get to the box, or the box is worse.  It gets pretty cold at night that time of year.  Not a good time to be wet.  This is what prompted me to call the pound.
  Nov. 2007  This is the Red Dog, all grown up, (not related to the other dogs.)  Skids lying on the ground, and forming "barriers" like this.  The dog is tethered, and, after weaving in and out, he is now unable to reach his box, and probably his water, if there is any.  What is the purpose of this, besides an opportunity for injury?
  Nov. 2007  The dreaded rabbit pen, where dogs spend months at a time with no exercise or freedom, and where they have a chance to freeze to death, as this is a wire pen.  Plastic and plywood don't hold in the heat.
  Nov. 2007  Dog at large.  I think this is the same one that got into my dog yard with one of mine in April 2008. They call him Grumpy.  He was a frequent visitor.
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