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Photo Essay 2009 - page 10
copyright 2009  Carole J Sulser
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5-12-09  The evolving "kennel."  The owner is playing musical boxes today.  Star's box has disappeared.  The tall backless box has been moved behind the pens.  The barracades are gone from Red Pup's pen.  Shorty is tied at Chloe's nice dog house, and she's stuck with Yellow Dog's old leaky one.
The Big Event
5-14-09  It's morning, and Star has climbed out of her pen to have her puppies in the mud.  Probably better than what's inside the pen.  She's lying in a small hollow, licking the puppies.  I can see white ones and black ones.  Brownie is standing by.
5-14-09  The owner has shown up, to water the dogs, and discovers the puppies.  In the stroller is a small child.  Here she is putting the yellow male back in his own pen, where he was before he won the stud lottery.  The puppies were picked up and taken somewhere else, and Star is worried. 
My new yard sign
in conclusion
5-29-09  Yellow male in the same predicument  the next day.  Owner did nothing to prevent this.  Not only could he strangle himself, but he's at risk of being attacked by Brownie.
5-28-09  A neighbor walks down the road around 7:15 PM, causing a horrendous uproar.  Nobody home.  Yellow male gets out of pen with a shortage of tether.  See how his collar is pulled upward and his front feet are on something besides the ground.  He remained this way for about two hours; then he got free and took off.
5-30-09  Lots of foot traffic on the road today, and dogs going berserk.  Red Pup stranded on top of his nonshelter.  He can jump out of the pen, but not into it.  No water.  Owner comes home, dumps food on his "roof" and leaves again.  When he jumped out to relieve himself, he swung in his collar.  Star has managed to get onto her roof by going over the "barrier", knocking it down.  Now her tether is wrapped around the board and she can't get back into the pen, where her puppies are.  No water, no shade.
5-30-09 Some more of the action.  When a neighbor walked by earlier, RPM got loose.  Here he's having a close call with Brownie, who is ever ready to assert dominance.  They came close to a fight when the owner was home, and she yelled at them; then chased RPM around behind the pens, as if that would keep the dogs apart.
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