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1-06-08  The Infamous Yorkie Pen, built by the previous owner for a Yorkshire Terrier.  Located behind the house trailer.  This is where the black and tan pups were kept in 2006.  Puppies without shelter were tethered in this area.  This part of the property is not mowed in the summer, and we ended up with a rat invasion!  The Mrs. claimed they didn't have any, but the Mr. later conducted a successful poisoning campaign.
1-15-08  Dog at large.  Grumpy, taking shelter from snow showers, and visiting his brothers and sisters who live with me.  Maybe he'd like to stay.
3-04-08  Dog Town,  The ever-present       skids, and blue wagon. 
3-21-08  The evolving Yorkie pen.  This is where the trio of 2007 pups escaped from for their great adventure.  The two brown ones are in the pen at this time.   The spotted one is in the next photo.
4-08-08  Spotted pup using fence for hammock.  See "One Dog's Personal Hell" for his story.
One Dog's Personal Hell
5-03-08  One of "the trio" sleeping in the rain after being removed from Yorkie pen; Tethered here without shelter for several weeks.  Appears to be tied to one of the skids at the left.
4-12-08  One of "the trio" trying to escape from the Yorkie pen.  May be tethered; they usually are.  Danger of hanging.
6-22-08  Not sure who this is; may be one of the 2007 pups.  When the trio escaped in 2007, one of the brown ones was lighter than the other. 

It was undecided about where to go and then toppled over the back of the pen.  Tethered, naturally.  I see this kind of thing going on more and more as the numbers increase.

Notice big belly; could be roundworms, puppies, or a big meal.

I haven't seen this one since mid-summer 2008.  I'm sure there were more than three in the 2007 litter; there was a black and tan that I haven't seen since it was small.
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