Here at ABC Dog School, there are more dogs than found in the average household, and one caretaker/breadwinner.  That's me.  And I'm no spring chicken, as they say.  Working part time doesn't pay the bills, and working full time, doesn't provide the dogs with the attention they need. 
     So here's the deal.  If you have enjoyed my website, and perhaps found some benefit here, you may be interested in helping out in some way.  It would be great if you could adopt one of these nice dogs, but if not...
     Pictured above, is a print of an award-winning painting I produced some years ago, entitled "Still-Life Goose."  I know it isn't a dog picture, but if it would fit into your decorating scheme, I would be happy to send you one for your donation to help keep us housed and fed at ABC Dog School.  Thanks so much for visiting my website, and I hope you have found it enjoyable and informative.

If you would like to be a friend to the ABC canine crew...
     Prints are single- or double-matted to fit 12X16, 14X18, or 16X20 inch frames.  You choose size, type, and color of matting.  Also available unmatted.

     Please email for details
"Thanks for visiting!"
  At ABC Dog School, there are 11, maybe twelve senior citizens (in addition to me!)  Things go wrong with the old guys, and they're usually expensive.  My credit card has taken some big hits lately. an effort to meet expenses, I have created a special page  where you will find many things for sale, including my eBay listings.  To go there, just click on carole's collection. Thanks!
Copyright 2004 Carole J Sulser
carole's collection
more art
See this 18X24 framed oil painting and others, by clicking on the "more art" button below.  Your purchase helps the rescued dogs at ABC Dog School.
To meet the gang click  here

    A big thank you to the wonderful folks who helped us through another year.  In July of 2004, I broke my ankle, and things looked pretty bleak.  Friends and family came through with money, labor, food, dog food and supplies, transportation, and moral support.  Pens got sawdust, dog house got repaired, weeds got whacked, grass got mowed, carpet got cleaned, Kelly got bathed, floors got mopped, dishes got washed, laundry got done.
     Thanks to Cookie and Terry, Nick and Kit, Shelly and Dianne, Bonnie, members of Everal's Church, Rose and Darci, Paul and Teresa, Michelle, Fred, Charlie, Dave, library co-workers who lightened my load, and everyone who prayed.
               When I could not walk, you carried me.  God bless your tender hearts!

Friends of ABC Dog School