This is Shea-Shea, my Jack Russell Terrier (or Terror.)  He's top dog at ABC Dog School.  He was born on New Year's Eve, 1990, and, believe it or not, he ended up in the animal shelter, after many infractions of the rules at his former home.  It was a miracle for sure that I found out about him.
     In no time at all, Shea-Shea rose to a top spot in my heart.  He was ever ready to steal an old dog's food, and closely resembles a little oinker.   His favorite toy is his Chewman, who has nothing to say since Shea removed his squeaker.
      Out of all the nylon bones available to him, he usually chooses the largest one.  Leave it to a Terrier to imagine he is bigger than he is.
This is what Shea-Shea likes to do best, when he isn't chasing the cat...
   This is Shea's friend, Cody.  He seems to be a Miniature Pinscher mix, and will be 14 years old this summer.  Cody used to go to fun matches with Rocky, and has won his share of awards in the obedience ring. 
     When Rocky became blind, Cody teamed up with the infamous Shea-Shea, who kept Cody from becoming a couch potato.  These two have spent many hours playing tug o' war with their rope toy.
     Cody doesn't do much these days.  I think he's dreaming of that bridge.  It will be another sad parting. 
    We pass through this life swiftly; our dogs even more so.  Sometimes the end comes unexpectedly soon.  SheaShea has been taken from me, a victim of cardiomyopathy.  It comes with stealth, deadly and unstoppable. 
     He was the head honcho and the life of the party till the end.  Who knew he would beat Cody to the bridge, but then he always had to be number one.  "Do not despair, little one, we're all on our way."
12-31-90 to 3-1-01
    Update:  Cody has joined SheaShea at  the bridge, a victim of cognitive dysfunction syndrome.  (Doggy Alzheimer's)
Aug. 1986 to Apr. 16, 2001
Bad Dog
Copyright 2004 Carole J Sulser